June 18, 2024

Is it too good to be true? It’s already happening. It’s happening already. Companies like Red Bull and Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and Arrow Electronics have achieved what ten years ago was impossible.

They market their products the same way they have always done. Their content-driven, audience-building initiatives create value beyond the products they sell.

This book will help you, whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a VP of Marketing at a mid-sized enterprise. It is also for small business owners who need to think differently about growing their business, especially in an age when everyone can copy your product. This book is for everyone involved in the sales and marketing process that generates revenue.

As a marketer, your job is to eliminate all biases and see marketing as more than just driving demand. It is essential to see it as if you were a foreigner visiting a new country. What else can content do? Then ask yourself what else content can do. You must ultimately decide to stop marketing and adopt a new model. Marketing and publishing are two sides of the same marketing skill set. We must understand each and the business model that results from them. This will be an enjoyable and informative journey for you.

Let’s move on. Forms can transform your Facebook page into the “social” landing page of the century. Your potential customers can contact you through a Facebook contact, newsletter subscriber, or any other custom form.

Many online resources can help you create forms, like Wufoo or JotForm. Once your form is completed, embed the code on your Facebook page. The code will be displayed in a new tab on your Facebook page.

Hubspot identified the essential features of a perfect Facebook post. The next step is to make it concise, visual, and well-linked. You get bonus points for being provocative or inspirational.

Live video makes your Facebook posts more appealing by allowing clients or employees to interview one another and showing behind-the-scenes footage. Facebook will value your content more if you have more shares and likes.

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