May 21, 2024

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, I interviewed Sarah Cooper from 100 Tricks for Appearing Smart in Meetings: How You Can Get by Without Even Trying.

Do you want to be more innovative half the time?

100 Tips is packed with examples, tips, and scenarios. It offers practical ways to use words such as “actionable” to sound smart.

All types of meetings are covered. All of it is here.

Since its inception in 2010, the network has attracted one-third of all internet users. 2.81 billion

This demographic is an excellent place for brands to target. 90% are under 35.

BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu, a digital market expert, describes Instagram as a perfect complement to FB.

Jim Tobin, president of Ignite Social Media, says that Instagram can be used to encourage others to use the product. He explains that it is a great way to get people to notice how it is used. When people can see how superb/thrilling/soothing/fun a product can be in a stunning Instagram image, they can envision themselves using it and having a good time. They can see the benefits they will get from the product.

Tentsile sells tree tents, also known as “portable tree shelves,” and is an excellent example of how compelling visuals can have a powerful impact on the world.

Jenn Herman, an Instagram marketing expert, uses the site to build a community of brands, consumers, and businesses. This can be accomplished effectively and succinctly using the hashtag. It will enable your audience to identify your brand’s values and show you share their interests.

You don’t have to use keywords for Instagram hashtags. Next, evaluate what works and doesn’t.

Bianca Cheah, the founder and managing Director of Sporteluxe. Bianca Cheah is the founder and managing director of Sporteluxe.

There are many ways to use Instagram to tell powerful visual stories.

Encourage user-generated material to help your brand tell its story.

Give your audience a glimpse into your agency’s inner workings by posting images of your employees. This is excellent B2B marketing.

Nonprofits can post images that tell the story of the organization’s impact. CharityWater is a great example. It shows photos of volunteers being helped and people being directly assisted.

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