May 21, 2024

Many SMBs are looking to diversify their content marketing strategies. While many businesses seek new topics or presentation methods, others overlook localized marketing.

Localized content marketing means directing your efforts toward your local target market. These strategies are more likely to resonate with your audience because the majority of SMBs work at a local level.

What approach should a company take to localizing its content marketing efforts? Here are three ideas that will help you get inspired.

What’s Happening? What’s Happening?

Although this tip seems obvious, implementing it takes a lot of work. This is about integrating some content marketing with local events. There’s always something going on in any given area. Where does your business fit? Can it fit in?

Here’s an example. My hometown is Traverse City in Michigan, where the National Cherry Festival occurs yearly. It’s great for the local economy, but many locals, including myself, are not happy about the entire situation. There are many ways to think about the festival, not just the festival itself. But the difficulties, headaches, and nuances that it brings.

Five Tips to Navigate Traverse City Traffic during Cherry Festival

The Local’s Guide to Avoiding Cherry Festival

Three Non-Cherry Festival Events that Offer Perfect Escapes for Locals

Producing content about what isn’t happening is a different and more exciting alternative. Traverse City’s winters can be quite a drag. Residents must be creative about spending their time on dark, cold days. This lifestyle change can inspire content marketing ideas that are equally as creative (e.g., “Traverse City Restaurants With The Best Selection of Whiskey.

Statistics, Studies, and Data

Interesting studies about the local population may vary depending on where a business is situated. One example is to look at the local job market within your industry. Annual studies often examine the regional job growth or decline in a particular sector. This information can help you generate great content ideas.

You should also check in with local online and printed news sources. Although the information may not be relevant to your business, extracting news and data to inspire content creation is possible.

Another quick example. Captivate SEO, my employer, is an SEO company located in Atlanta. A recent study revealed that Atlanta was ranked #4 in the U.S. regarding SEO jobs. Our company published a perspective piece about the study because we are content marketers.

Boosting content on social media

This is a common situation when businesses produce great content that gets recognized. This is where social media advertising, especially on a local level, can be highly effective.

Social media is an essential part of content marketing. More than sharing your content with existing followers are required. A $10 investment can get your content seen by hundreds of people. Even better, you can target exactly who you want to see in your posts.

Depending on the business, content can be promoted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure your unique content is noticed. These platforms can be used as part of your Content Marketing Strategy.

Value Added

Localized content marketing has a lot of potentials. Locally relevant content can help increase the authority of your business for geo-modified searches.

A business that rents party rooms in San Francisco could provide information about the events and parties they support. A blog post, “2017 Summer Events San Francisco,” can help a website rank for keywords such as “event rental San Francisco.” The blog post provides local SEO support, and the topic is valuable. It’s more likely that the case will be shared on social media.

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