June 18, 2024

It is there. You know exactly what your audience wants.

Are you tired of waiting for people to discover YOU and the DIFFERENCE that your company can make?

Do not worry, dear friend. We have laid out the steps to rekindle your love for Jack Dawson. If you aren’t already, Jack is your target audience.

This is not the Titanic. No one have to drown. This ultimate guide will make it easy for you to navigate the waters.

We will show you real examples of content marketing from well-known brands and give you some tips to create a better brand strategy for your e-commerce company for the coming year.

Quick Takeaways:

Content marketing builds brand authority, trust, and leads.

Successful content marketing campaigns are only possible if you plan.

There are many ways to get involved, but you only need one idea.

It is possible to repurpose content or tap into resources that have existed for a long time.

How content marketing works for E-Commerce

Content marketing consists of publishing consistently relevant content that is interesting to readers. It allows you to reach, engage, and convert new customers. Here are just a few of the many benefits that it offers:

SEO and brand authority

Your SEO and Google authority will increase by creating helpful content and pages. This opens up the possibility of compounding your results over time.

Building relationships and trust

At every stage of the buyer’s journey, you want to be there for your customers. Consider your buying habits and brand loyalty.

Sometimes trust alone is enough to drive repeat business and sales. If you go the extra mile, you can make your content marketing machine work while asleep.

Conversions and leads are increased.

It is essential to start a content marketing strategy. You’ll soon be sharing your success with customers.

Step 1: Identify your target market (and reassess).

Even if your buyer personas are somewhat familiar, get to know them. Please call to understand their needs and expectations.

For example, take Lowe’s. An amateur handyman visits the store to repair a bathroom leak. A contractor arrives shortly to fix the pipes in a commercial building—the same store, but with entirely different needs.

Your customer will always turn to you.

Step 2: Find out how your audience consumes content

Are you sure either handyman is looking for expert advice on Facebook? There needs to be more Chris Rock and Will Smith drama and more time.

They might be looking for how-to videos on Youtube or Google to find the supplies they need quickly.

Be there for your audience.

Step 3: Research your topic and create an idea

To brainstorm with your team, you can go DIY. Remember that it is one thing to have a great idea and another to execute it.

There will be pages and pages of gold in your book. But make sure you have a content plan.

Step 4: Take into account the stage of the buyer’s journey

Learn the difference between a warm and cold lead. Take care of them! Learn more about the stages of the buyer’s journey and the recommended methods to secure each one.

Step 5: Measure the results

Compare your past results. Be sure to use the correct metric for each type of content.

SEMRush is used to measure our results. You can find a cheat sheet to help you determine which metrics are essential for your situation.

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