March 2, 2024

This is not a secret marketing strategy or a new trend. Video marketing is a significant part of digital marketing. Video marketing universally applies to all industries, whether B2B or B2C. It works for all. Syndacast reports that visual media is a natural part of modern marketers’ air.

You can make it a goal to produce engaging, relevant videos.

Brand awareness has increased

Social media engagement

Better lead generation numbers

Acquisition of customers

You might also earn some positive likability points by using humor and empathy in your video

Your goal in viral video marketing is to make your brand the viral face that the world is talking about. Viral videos have the potential to create a supercharge effect that will bring all the usual benefits of video marketing.

How can you make your video viral? You may not follow the right formula if you need help achieving viral liftoff. It takes creativity, relevant ideas, emotional connections, technical SEO, and luck. You don’t have control over this last aspect.

You can’t control the airworthiness of your video. This checklist will help you determine why your video isn’t viral. This way, if lady luck smiles on your marketing video, it will have everything it needs to reach the stars.

1. Your video doesn’t evoke emotion

Check out these viral marketing videos.

Google Android’s friend’s forever is a compilation of some of the most adorable and bizarre animal friends in their ‘Be Together’ campaign. It’s not the same.

Chipotle’s The Scarecrow is a dystopian video that discusses sustainable farming and food production. It’s part of their “Food with Integrity” campaign.

Then, the hilarious marketing video of all time.’s Our Blades campaign.

These videos can either warm your heart or trigger empathy. You may find your video entertaining or filled with famous people, or it might be the most helpful piece of visual kit that you have ever seen. It will only go viral if it creates an emotional reaction.

2. It’s still in the box

Video content shared by viewers is often shared with their friends. You have to be unique to make your video viral. This cannot be easy because people will lose interest if your creative idea is too outside the box.

Here’s a Kenzo World example of an entirely new approach to the perfume commercial. It still shows a beautiful woman in a glamorous, romantic setting, just like any other perfume ad. This woman isn’t your typical female perfume heroine.

Ask someone to watch your video and be surprised when you come up with an idea. You don’t want it to be kept a secret if you are amazed by something new and unexpected. Tell others so they can feel the same thrill. Your viral marketing video may be born if you can get that response.

3. The wrong SEO is being used for your video

First, people must find your video before they can share it. To make it easy to find your video, optimize it for search engines.

Your video title should be appealing and straightforward. Very clickable

Use keywords tags that are relevant.

It would help if you wrote a description of your video. This is where your call to action will be placed.

Reach out to industry bloggers and relevant websites that might be interested in sharing your content to create quality backlinks.

Your video can be shared on social media.

4. A YouTube Channel that isn’t profitable is not possible

YouTube is not the only social media platform for video. Facebook is one of the most popular visual media platforms, with more than 4 Billion video views daily. It would help if you maximized YouTube’s potential to make your video viral.

YouTube ranks you higher based on views, ratings, and comments. But channel activity is just as important. If brands regularly upload content to YouTube with many subscribers, they will be easier to find on YouTube and more likely to have viral videos.

5. Your Marketing Video is Not Part of a Larger Strategy

Here is where strategic marketing comes in. If your marketing video is part of a well-thought-out content strategy, it will make more impact.

Your viral hopeful is part of a more extensive marketing campaign. Is your audience open to this campaign? What kind of feedback have you gotten so far about your other content?

Are you preparing your email subscribers and social media followers in the right mood to ensure that your wow factor video isn’t too outlandish? If Chipotle had been using humor on its Facebook page during the weeks leading to The Scarecrow, it wouldn’t have conveyed the brand’s thoughtful, profound message well.

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