April 19, 2024

Multi-channel campaigns

It is long past the time when marketing was done through one channel. Cross-channel advertising is becoming more popular.

An agency that pay per click marketing services can help you create the right attribution model for your business.

Video ads

Videos are quickly becoming the most popular type of content on the internet. Video content is being favoured by more search engines, particularly YouTube. Google, for example, uses vertical video ads to reach mobile users.

Digital marketers have increased their budget for shorter video ads that target highly targeted audiences.


Now is the right time to get into the worlds of retargeting and remarketing. This type of advertising allows you to show ads only to people who have visited your site.


Advertisers are increasingly interested in artificial intelligence and automation. It’s not yet possible to rely solely on automated machines, but it’s a great opportunity to explore automation more.

Google Ads has many useful automation features.

Instead of keywords, people

Keywords are an integral part of PPC and they won’t be changing anytime soon. It’s impossible to focus solely on keywords and neglect the human audience that you are trying to reach.

Your PPC strategy will improve if you design and place your ads with a specific audience instead of relying only on the top keywords.

Advertising options

Google is not the only platform that can make a lot of money. These are just a few of the other lucrative platforms you should consider, along with their useful features.

* Facebook – Instant Storefront with an automatically generated product video.

* Bing Local inventory advertisements.

* Pinterest – Direct product sales and recommendations.

For different audiences, you can also use Amazon, Snapchat, or LinkedIn. You will reap the benefits of diversifying your PPC budget in the long-term.

Try out new features

In 2020, don’t be afraid of trying new things. Some notable new features include:

* Google Ads Promotion Extensions

* Google Ads Out stream Mobile Video Campaigns

* Bid adjustments in Google Ads for ads that include phone extension calls

* AI-powered Audience Network for Bing Ads

It can be easy to stick with the familiar and reliable, but it is worth trying out some of these new features on platforms.

Voice search

As users search for more complicated questions about a topic, voice searches increase in complexity and are becoming more complex.

You might need to immediately take action on voice search and keep track voice search trends throughout 2018. You can review the voice search trends to adjust keywords and add new campaigns if necessary.

Online brand loyalty

Digital advertisers have been known to overlook the importance of brand building when it comes to PPC in recent years.

Make it a resolution for the New Year to focus on brand-building. PPC is not just about ROI.

Place your ads with the goal to create demand for your products, and loyalty to your company.

Custom mobile ads

Mobile searches have been increasing in popularity for many years. Now is the right time to embrace mobile PPC ads.

Neglecting to consider mobile devices can lead to wasted budgets and lost opportunities.

Protection of intellectual property

You don’t need to consider your brand protection as part of your PPC strategy. Now is the time. You can monitor your ads and check the use of your trademark. If necessary, take immediate action.

A brand protection strategy can help you present your company to customers more effectively and at a lower cost per click.

Review your budget

You shouldn’t get too comfortable with your routine and not revaluate your budget. Examine your PPC spending carefully and think about what you can do to improve it.

It is a great idea to see if budgets from less successful campaigns can be used to fund the most successful. You might also be able to shift funds among channels.

Collaboration and seeking out other perspectives

It is no longer sustainable to continue using the same habits and methods. PPC is always changing. You can take some time in 2020 for second opinions and other helpful resources. Your overall approach will be strengthened if you are open to new ideas.

PPC is getting tons of updates in the new year, including mobile preference and automation. These are exciting changes that show the changing landscape of PPC.

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