June 18, 2024

Personalization is a powerful way to spice up your content marketing strategy and increase conversion rates.

It is easy to see why personalized content is more persuasive and appealing. Nobody wants to feel like they are just another customer.

Amazon and Netflix, two of the largest companies in the world, have used personalized content for many years. This is known as individual recommendations.

You probably know instinctively that personalization is something you should do. However, it’s also proven to be a marketing strategy – 90% of US adults believe personalized content is more appealing than generic marketing content. Personalized CTAs are 200% more effective than generic CTAs.

Do you need any more convincing? These are easy and practical ways to use personalization in your content marketing strategy.

Recommendations for Content

Personalizing content is accessible. It doesn’t require data collection and can be completely automated. You can add recommendations for similar content to each blog post.

You can use a variety of “related posts” widgets and plugins to accomplish this task, including some WordPress plugins. This software has produced several linked posts with thumbnails at the bottom of blog posts. The software lets you connect related posts in the middle of your content or as a slide or pop-up.

It’s a simple way to personalize content and make it more useful. It doesn’t rely on personal data or cookies. You recommend additional content based on the topic they are reading. This provides the user with other helpful content and increases their time on your site.

It also has a “set it and forgets it” function, so you don’t have to go through your blog posts to find similar content. The software will do the work automatically.

Personalization by Country

Personalizing content takes a lot of work. There is a fine line between being relevant and being too familiar. If you greet your users by name each time they visit your site, they may become disinterested even though they have provided this information.

Personalizing content at a higher level, such as by country, is a safe way to keep your privacy in check.

It is easy to set up your website so that you can deliver different content depending on the IP of users. Depending on your industry and business, there are many ways to take advantage of this.

It’s worth thinking about writing content in non-English speaking languages to cater to non-English speaking users.

It would help if you thought about automatically redirecting users to an e-commerce website that shows prices in their local currency. This will allow you to offer value in different markets.

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