April 19, 2024

2017 is approaching, and marketers are faced with more challenges than ever. Content marketing can become overwhelmingly complex with rapidly changing content trends and hundreds of social media tools and content to evaluate.

Some marketers are frustrated in the industry and need more patience. Others are starting to see a trend toward slowing down.

Influential marketers such as Ann Handley suggest slower marketing strategies, while experts from Harvard Business Review stress the importance of confident, strategic, and slow decision-makers. It might be time to reevaluate your content marketing.

You can slow down your marketing by assessing your organization’s maturity, ensuring that your processes are stable and efficient, and measuring more essential things to increase and amplify your marketing efforts.

Assess Your Organization’s Marketing Proficiency

An old saying goes, “You must crawl before you can walk, and walk before you run.” This means that you need to master the basics before you move on to more complicated things.

This can also be true for your overall marketing strategies.

To better understand your team’s readiness to take on more complex campaigns, hire new employees, and scale your overall marketing efforts, it is essential to examine your team’s current marketing maturity.

This will help you to determine if all the pieces are in place for growth and minimize future headaches.

Assess how your team does from ideation to execution and onwards. It could be as simple to assess how long it takes for your team to complete a project, but it should also consider the details of how tasks are completed.

Consider the following example when you are evaluating your team.

Are you using your marketing channels effectively to build and engage your audience?

What is the performance of paid advertising over time? Consider the version of paid advertising month-over-month, year-over-year, and so on.

What are your methods of managing marketing data? How do you collect feedback from your users?

How fast is your content flow? How often do you create and distribute persuasive content effectively?

What marketing assets do you have?

Are you seeing an improvement in your organic search engine performance?

How does your marketing effort compare to the competition?

How confident are you in your marketing efforts? Consider your marketing processes, from strategy through implementation to optimization and measurement.

Are you satisfied with your achievements?

Marketing maturity can be complex, especially when you start questioning the skills and expertise of your team. Remember that the goal is not to diminish your team’s achievements but to identify areas where you can improve and grow your marketing efforts in the future.

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