April 19, 2024

80% retail professionals believe email marketing is the best way to retain customers. Customers who receive emails 138% more often than those who don’t. To win customers over and build loyalty, it is essential to get your emails right. Your customers are bombarded with promotional emails. According to The State of Personalization In Email by Dynamic Yield reporting, half of North American consumers receive between 5-15 emails per day. 25% receive more than 15 emails per day.

They only click through to one or two emails per day, if any. Nearly 35% of respondents don’t click through at all to any retail website or app. 41.6% click through once or twice per day. One-third of respondents click through less than twice per day. How can you make emails appealing enough to be opened and motivating enough for people to click through to your app or website?

Send emails at the right time

Refine your timing is one of the easiest changes to your email marketing strategy. When is the best time to set your automation software to send emails? You’re likely missing out on a lot of the engagement that you could have if you don’t set it up at the right time, whether it be in the morning or during the day.

According to 45% of respondents, the only time they are likely to click through and interact with a website to make a purchase online is after work. After dinner, the prime time to browse on smartphones and get on a computer for emails and making purchase decisions is in the early evening.

It is best to wait until after dinner and before going to bed. Check your timing with your email contacts. How many emails are opened at 6 p.m., 7:30 p.m., or 8:30 a.m.? You can find the timing that works best for you. Then, test your emails periodically to ensure you are using your clock to your advantage. While research can help you find the right direction for your business, it is only rigorous testing that will reveal the preferences of your customers.

You can keep the special deals coming, but make sure they are actually special

The classic promo offer is a great way to make your email stand out and be the most appealing in the customer’s inbox. According to research, 55% of consumers love targeted discounts and promotions. There’s one catch. Personalization is key to your promotions. A CRM that uses AI to deliver predictive analysis can help you learn which offers customers are most likely to respond to. This allows you to create highly targeted offers that your recipients will be able to recognize.

Personalized offers are not only attractive but also expected. If you offer a discount for your coffee products to customers who drink a lot of tea, your customer base will grow. Your CRM will help you identify what customers like and predict which new offers they will enjoy the most. This will ensure that your brand doesn’t fall prey to customer junk mail.

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