April 19, 2024

Facebook makes it easy for business owners and marketers to generate leads. Facebook has more than 50,000,000 business pages. This means that Facebook knows it is essential to offer value to business users, as well as the over 1.4 million consumer pages. We have to make the most of this value.

You’re missing a lot of Facebook lead generation if you think lead ads are all that Facebook has to offer. Although lead ads can help you push customers further down your sales funnel, there are other ways to generate leads with Facebook.

Even with the subtler advertising on Facebook, some users won’t interact with ads. You’ll also miss out on higher-quality leads by not using all of the inbound strategies that you can leverage with your business page.

Facebook Forms

Let’s get to the point. A form can transform your Facebook page into the “social” landing page of the century. A Facebook contact, newsletter subscription, or other custom form has the advantage that your potential customers can communicate with you without leaving your Facebook page.

You can find many resources online to create forms, such as Wufoo and JotForm. After completing your layout, you can embed the code into your Facebook page. It will appear as a new tab on your Facebook page. To create custom forms, you can use Facebook’s iFrame app.

The Post Anatomy is Right for You

A link to your blog post can be posted to Facebook to direct your fans to your website and landing pages. This is classic social media lead generation. Keep your Facebook posts visually appealing to make them successful. An image is better than text-only. This will increase user engagement by 2.3x.

Hubspot identified the critical features of the perfect Facebook posting. First, set a clear goal. Next, ensure it is concise, visual, and well-linked—bonus points for being provocative and inspirational.

Live video can make your Facebook posts more attractive by allowing employees or clients to interview each other and showing behind-the-scenes footage. Live video content is three times more popular than traditional videos on Facebook. The higher quality content you post, the more people you will attract to your site, the more shares and likes you get, and the more Facebook will consider your content valuable and popular.

Make Your Lead Magnet Interactive

It is an effective and direct way to generate leads via Facebook by linking to your landing pages. This allows your Facebook fans to sign up for your newsletter, download an ebook, or access your coupon code. These are great tactics and should be part of your strategy. However, you might consider hosting webinars for your fanbase to capture high-quality leads.

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