April 19, 2024

Twitter needs to gain ground when it comes to engagement. It was recently revealed that it is the least effective social media platform for engaging customers. According to TrackMaven’s 2017 analysis of digital marketing, Instagram and, to a lesser degree, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook are more efficient than Pinterest.

Snapchat’s acquisition also damaged Twitter’s reputation. This raised concerns that Twitter could not compete with other social media sites, particularly millennials and Generation Z.

It’s time to put Twitter aside and make Instagram a priority in your social media marketing strategy.

Be patient. You can retain Twitter because companies are getting serious traction on the newer social media platforms.

Do you remember the fallacy of economics separating composition and economics? A farmer may be more successful in planting corn than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all farmers will benefit from planting corn. More corn farmers will plant corn based on the success of the first farmer and not their circumstances. This will lead to a decrease in corn supply.

Digital marketing is no different. It’s wise to be aware of trends and use this information strategically. It’s not strategic to follow the path of other marketers to reach the same success.

Twitter’s slide is an opportunity to review your social media strategy, particularly if it needs to meet your goals of customer engagement and retention. This is not an excuse to abandon one social media platform for another.

Twitter remains one of the most effective channels for brand updates, announcements, and promotional events. It lets you capitalize on real-time events to make brilliant, lightning-fast marketing moves. Yes, Oreo Cookie.

You can also build trust with your customers through genuine customer service interactions. Customers tweet brands daily, expressing their opinions, concerns, and questions. Responding to customers’ problems, feedback and questions can make a brand likable. Research has shown this. A response to a tweet correlates with increased revenue.

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