April 19, 2024

Promotion of a person, business, idea or opinion by using words primarily in a written format is called copywriting. Now, one cannot use any word, sentence, or thought that comes to his/her mind for copywriting. Copywriting is also an art that can be mastered through experience.

There are some very important tips for beginners. They are as follows:

1. Customer: One should know the customer because the copywriting is being done for the customer, neither for self nor anyone else.

2. Target: Keep the target in your mind. You should draft the copy keeping in mind the target. The written copy should be as if you are addressing the target directly. During copy writing, you should be able to anticipate the question of the target as well as be able to answer the target’s objections.

3. Headline: The headline is the head of the copy. The body always follows the head. The head is the first impression. If the headline is not attractive, no one will read the body of the copy.

4. Post Script (PS): PostScript is the second most important copy part. PS should highlight all the benefits.

5. You: The word “you” is very important because it gives a personal touch to the copy. It makes the target feel that the copy is written especially for him/her.

6. Flow: The flow of the copy should be proper. The paragraphs should be properly connected. The formation of the paragraphs should not be haphazard. Get a review about the copy from your friends.

7. Easy to understand: The copy should be easy to understand. Draft the copy thinking that the target does not know anything about it. Keep it as simple as possible. Do not use bombastic words or technical jargon that cannot be understood. Keep the sentences simple.

8. Consistency: All through the copy, consistency should be maintained. If you confuse the target, there ultimate purpose of the copy will not be served.

9. Typefaces (fonts): The fonts should be either Arial or Courier. If you want the headline to be a bit different, you can use Times New Roman font. Do not use any other fonts.

10. Colour: Keep the color scheme as simple as possible. Color the headlines in red, subheadings in dark blue, text in black, a highlight in yellow, and the signature and links in process blue.

11. To the point: The matter of the copy should be to the point. If you need to write a longer script to get your message loud and clear across to the target, write the longer script. Again it should be to the point.

12. Verbs: Prefer verbs to adjectives. People like to read more verbs than adjectives. Moreover, verbs are more effective and easy-going than adjectives.

13. First Sentence: The first sentence that opens the copy should be able to capture the target.

14. Last Sentence: The last sentence should induce his response to act on the copy.

15. Conversational: While going through the copy, the target should feel as if you are talking with him/her.

16. Emotional buttons: Make your copy lively by addressing basic human instincts like love and fear. Do not forget the fear of loss.

17. Specific: Be as specific as possible. There is no point in being vague because it will spoil your impression.

18. Direction: Provide directions for the target by using pointers and simple instructions, asking them to do what in the next step or later stages.

19. Guarantee: Stress on this word because it is usually the last objection of the target.

20. Order Process: Make sure that the order process is simple for the target, or else if it is too cumbersome, the customer may log out mid-way before the transaction is over.

21. Testimonials: The testimonials usually have a very special affect on consumer psychology. Always put the testimonials in between the copy where found relevant. The testimonials should not be bunched at one place.

22. Authority: The copy should sound authoritative as written by an expert, not by anyone who lacks confidence in the subject matter.

23. Urgency: The copy should elicit immediate action on the part of target after reading the copy. It should create a sense of urgency.

24. Object: Present the objection and your answers and clarifications so that the target feels as if you are speaking to him/her.

25. Benefits: Show the target what benefit he/she will have after availing the service or buying the product mentioned in the copy.

26. Bullets: People like to read points rather than paragraphs. Use bullets to draw attention.

27. Closer: The closer should be a benefit with an element of surprise.

28. Trust: Try to convince the target through the copy so that he/she develops trust in you.

29. Funny: Do not try to make the copy look funny or cute because it may hurt the reader. So it is better to avoid it.

30. Ego: Do not get carried away by your ego. Remember you are writing the copy for the customer not to satisfy your ego.

31. Claim: All you claim in your copy should be justified. Do not make false claims.

32. Capital: Start every sentence with a capital. This makes a positive impact on the reader.

33. Signature : A signature in process blue above the salutation gives the reader a feeling that the copy is authentic and genuine, not farce.

34. The 5 Ws: Tell the customer who you are, what you have to offer, where to send the response, when to respond and why the reader would be benefited.

35. Damaging Admission: When you include a damaging admission in your copy you make the reader feel that you are saying the truth and you are honest.

36. Contractions: Use contractions where it suits; instead of do not write don’t.

37. Discount: Initially quote a higher price then offer a discount and give a good reason for that when offering the discount.

38. Offer: This is nearly the last thing before closing the deal so be sure that the offer should be as attractive as possible and never lousy.

39. Believable: The matter of the copy should be worth believing. Don’t make statement that can not be believed.

40. Numbers: When possible try to quote the numbers in figures, but that being said, it’s your choice.

Last but not the least; be optimistic about the copy and yourself too!

All the best…

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