June 18, 2024

You will pay a high price if you do not know about the employee’s hours of non-productive work. This information can be easily converted into increased productivity once you have it. How can you obtain this information? It will be easier for both you and your team to use a time-tracking tool that best suits your needs. Let’s get started!

According to one survey, the average amount of time that people spend on productive tasks is around 2.8 hours. Isn’t that a very low rate? We spend a lot of time doing non-productive things when we consider we work half the day. We may want to concentrate on ways we can make both productive and non-productive tasks more efficient.

We need first to analyze how much time we spent actually working in a given week and what percentage of that was efficient. This can be easily measured by time-tracking software.

A time-tracking app will also let you know how your team and you spend your time during the day. It’s the same for tracking projects. Project managers use a time tracker to keep everything on schedule. There is also a ClickUp and monday.com guide that you can use if you’re looking for a solution to manage your projects. These two topics share a common goal, which is to boost productivity.

What is time-tracking software?

Time-tracking apps are online technologies that help keep track of working hours. Most businesses today use time-tracking software to track their employees’ working hours in a remote environment. These records provide them with an insight into their working time and how they spend it. Reports suggest that business owners could improve employee productivity.

A time tracking app allows you to track not only your working hours, expenses, payroll, and breaks. Most free-time tracking tools include these features. The free time tracking tools we’ve listed below are for you if that describes you.

  • Small business owners who are on a tight budget.
  • Marketer, project manager, or freelancer?
  • The decision maker is unsure of the best software to track time for teams.

It is possible to achieve maximum productivity without spending any money in the highly competitive world of free time-tracking apps. What do we mean when we say ” maximum out put“? Most free-time tracking programs today offer great features. These tools, which used to monitor only time, now enable many other activities. Free time tracking tools provide many features, including online timesheets, task prioritizing and tracking, activity reports, billing, and invoice tracking.

These free tools can also help you identify your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Imagine buying a time-tracking tool that everyone says is the best but doesn’t meet your requirements. This would be a complete waste of money and time! Before investing in a time-tracking solution that costs money, you should consider the free tools that we have compiled for you.

This blog post will show you the best free software to track time for all types of businesses. No matter if you’re a freelancer, a product manager at an agency, or a freelancer yourself, where your time is going to be most important!

Top 7 free time tracking tools

  • Hubstaff
  • Clockify
  • Toogl Track
  • Tick
  • Harvest
  • MyHours
  • TimeCamp


Other key features come into play, such as issue tracking, CRM, tracking payments, productivity, and workflow management. Xero’s and Stripe’s integrations are particularly useful for monitoring expenses. You can track up to two projects at once in the free version.

Hubstaff is a free tool that helps you track your time and work. Hubstaff is a time-tracking tool that can be used by all businesses, even if they are remote teams or solepreneurs. Features include time tracking, timesheets, and invoicing. Hubstaff can be annoying for some users because it takes multiple screenshots of your desktop throughout the day. The free version has a limit on the number of screenshots.

It also allows you to track time manually or automatically using its desktop timer, which is available for both macOS and Windows. You can pay directly through the platform without having to switch between other tools. This feature can be very useful if you work with many freelancers. Its free version does not integrate with other apps.


Clockify is the most popular time-tracking platform. It allows you to track the time spent on each project. You can also do other things with the platform, such as timekeeping, detailed reports, project management, and workforce management.

Clockify is a great tool for project managers. You can create projects and see related tasks, assignments, and rates. You can monitor what your teammates are working on and where they spend the most time. You can easily report and analyze the progress of the project at the end. All reports can also be shared and imported into different formats, such as PDF, CVS, and Excel.

Toogl track

The Toogl Track is the best option for you if you want to avoid the complexity. This app is designed for small teams, freelancers, and large companies. Toogl Track is a free app that offers a dashboard for tracking time, projects, and budgets, managing your team, and seeing the hours you are billable and non-billable.

Toogl Track already integrates with more than 100 tools on the market. You don’t have to switch between platforms. You can also stop tracking time in the mobile app after you have started it on the web application. This will allow you to get the report from the desktop app. The platform does not offer features like project templates, insights, time audits, iCal integration, or Jira. However, you can upgrade from the free plan to a paid one at any time.

Tick is the obvious choice when looking for the most effective time-tracking solution for smaller and medium-sized companies. Tick also offers a simple dashboard that avoids confusion, similar to Toogl Track. It is compatible with Asana Trello, Slack, and Teamwork.

Apple Watch and the mobile app allow you to stay up-to-date on the latest information about your tasks or projects. The platform also offers features such as setting up running times, invoicing, and bulk time entry, along with Chrome browser extensions. You can receive answers at lightning speed with their rockstar support. Remember that the Tick-free plan only covers one project. You may need to upgrade your Tick-free plan if tracking more than one project is required.


Are you looking for a solution that can accommodate larger teams? Harvest is the perfect solution for tracking project time. You will be able to see what your team members are working on both individually and collaboratively, which is different from other time-tracking applications. It has a variety of integrations, including Basecamp, Trello Asana, and Quickbooks.

My hours

My Hours is a great tool that has a lot of features. You know which tool to pick if you want a time-tracking tool that is easy to use and has a stylish look. It helps you track your time, projects, and tasks but also assists with billing, reporting, and team organization. My Hours Activity dashboard

My Hours’ free trial version offers unlimited options, unlike most other time-tracking software. This will give you time to explore the tracker before jumping into another. You can also maintain your work while on the move thanks to the mobile app of the platform.


TimeCamp is our final stop on the list of best free time tracking programs. You can avoid the pain of project management by using a simple yet powerful time-tracking tool. Your productivity will immediately increase once you start focusing on what matters to you. TimeCamp allows you to manage your workflow and that of your team while staying within budget.

The platform has only one type of integration despite the fact that it offers an unlimited number of users and projects. The free version of TimeCamp offers bulk editing. It is common for paid plans to include this feature, so it’s great that it is available in the free version.

In conclusion

We want to summarize this guide on free time tracking software by mentioning a few things. After you have a good understanding of your requirements, choosing the right software won’t seem so difficult. We’ve compared the top free time-management software according to its main features, pros and cons.

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