June 18, 2024

You can’t ignore the newest force in the social media throne if you market for visual-heavy industries like travel, food, beverage, or the arts. Although Instagram is relatively new compared to Facebook, which purchased it in 2012, Twitter, and Pinterest have all risen to prominence quickly – I mean Bugatti Chiron 261+mph-type fast.

The network has captured one-third of internet users since its inception in 2010. Its 2017 global mobile ad revenue forecast is also impressive. $2.81 billion!

This is also an excellent opportunity for brands to target millennials. 90% of users are younger than 35.

Jim Yu, BrightEdge CEO, and digital market expert describe Instagram as an ideal complement to FB, specifically for mobile engagement. It is Facebook’s creative little brother and is well integrated with Facebook. It may be a good idea to cultivate a strong brand presence through Facebook’s cooler, younger sister. Facebook’s premium Zuckerberg ownership means we can trust it to channel its penchant for innovation through this popular medium.

Are you ready to create your Instagram marketing campaigns? These are some expert tips to help you inspire your strategy.

Compel using Instagram

Jim Tobin, President of Ignite Social Media, says Instagram can inspire others to use the product. He explains that it is a great way to get people to notice how it is used. When people can see how superb/thrilling/soothing/fun a product can be in a stunning Instagram image, they can envision themselves using it and having a good time. They can see the benefits they will get from the product.

Tentsile is a company that sells tree tents, also known as “portable treehouses,” which is an excellent example of the power and impact of compelling visuals. You can see how one would love to contemplate the universe from their tent treehouse.

Instagram Hashtags can be used to define your brand.

Jenn Herman is an Instagram marketing expert who uses this site to create we’re an all-human bridge between brands, consumers, and businesses. It allows you to connect more intimately. It would help if you established your brand’s personality through the network to do this. This can be done effectively and eloquently with the hashtag. This will allow your audience to identify your brand’s values and show that you share their interests.

Instagram hashtags don’t just have to be about keywords. It’s all about finding commonality with your followers. It takes some research to track what your buyers talk about on social media and research the most popular hashtags. Then, it would help if you evaluated what works and what doesn’t.

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