May 21, 2024

Nowadays the world of marketing includes each and every aspect of marketing such as market research, product development, customization of products, distribution channels, advertising, and last but not the least the customer or client. The success of any marketing strategy depends on the customer and customer satisfaction.

In this age of internet when the market is all the more competitive we have to understand that any company cannot afford losing any client or customer. Thus the companies are trying to attract and glue the customer or client to itself through any means. This becomes all the more important and inevitable in case of repetitive customers. Some of the ways to show the market that you care for it are as follows.

• Market Care through meeting in person: In this fast moving professional world hardly does anyone have time for others. Caring is something intangible but an effective marketing tool. If you visit a person personally it makes a lot of difference.
• Market Care through phone: When you cannot go and meet the person face to face a phone cane serve the purpose.
• Market Care through e-mail: When you can neither meet a person face to face nor have the time to phone then the last option with you is to use the internet and email.

(1) Try visiting your professional acquaintances and associates not only during happy social occasions but also serious ones such as sickness and being hospitalized. This is supposed to have a positive impact on your customers. If you cannot visit them personally then phone and if you don’t have time of this too then the only resort with you is to email.
(2) Birthday/ Wedding anniversary day: Out of all the days in a given year the birthday and important anniversaries are the most important. Never forget to wish your customers on birthdays or wedding anniversary day. Sometimes the day the business came into existence is of prime importance for the proprietor. Wish him/ her on the auspicious day. Your birthday wish can make the customer feel appreciated. Do not forget that it is because of their existence that you have on customer or client.
(3) Welcome: When every a customer or supplier associates with you, he is entering your world for your survival. Welcome him. This in person could be through a good smile and welcome of your receptionist. If the customer has registered and bought your services through the internet either respond by email acknowledging his/ her registration or at least phone. Remember that the first impression is the last impression and it is going to be the impression that is going to breathe life into your business through long term relationship.
(4) Confirmation: When you send an email to the person concerned get the confirmation of the receipt. Try and phone whenever you get time to get the feedback. On the other hand if your subordinate has phoned the concerned person then phone him/ her when you get time. Make sure that the content of the email is satisfactory for the receiver. Getting a feedback of the message that was sent earlier creates a platform for you to speak and communicate with the client or customer.
(5) Incomplete sale: Sometimes, what ever be the reason, the customer does not purchase the product or the services. You are sure whatever went wrong, went wrong when the deal was about to close. In any case, online marketing as well as offline marketing you have links to contact that customer. Try to contact him/ her and try to know the reason for not buying the product or services. While seeking this response never behave rudely. On the other hand you may come to know some logical reason for the abrupt break. It may be even a fault in your software or some natural calamity. You cannot be sure what the customer or the client underwent so you have no right to allege anything.
(6) Inactive connection: When you know that the connection between you and the customer is inactive for some days, then there is a warning signal. The more you delay in contacting him or her more is the chance of losing him or her. As mentioned earlier every customer is valuable. If the line of connection is inactive for time duration that is abnormal then contact him or her through email or phone or send a representative of the company to call on and make a follow up. Try to know the reasons for the connection to be inactive. This may open your eyes to the strategies of the competitors.
(7) Confirm the Transaction: The physically delivery of the product may take some time but the transaction of money hardly takes any time. Usually we see that the customer is a bit restless after paying the money online. Once you receive the money confirm the transaction of it with the payer so that he / she knows that the money has reached where it had to reach and he/ she is going to get the product without much delay. The company can also mention other schemes and incentives to the buyer along with this letter of acknowledgement.
(8) Customer Satisfaction: Show the customer that you car for him or her by offering a scheme wherein you mention that if the customer is not satisfied with the product he or she can return it within a stipulated time and all the money will be refunded without any deductions. State clearly that even the courier charges will be paid by the company. This will reinforce the bond of trust between the company and the customer and even address the factor of customer satisfaction. This shows how much you care for the customer.
(9) Discounts: Whenever a new product or service is launched in the market it is offered at discount. Let your loyal customers know about it and avail it. If they know that they are the first ones to come to know and given the first chance to buy they will feel very privileged.
(10) Festivals: Festive times are to greet the people. Do not miss the chance to greet people on this occasion because this comes once in a year. There is no second chance in this. Do not forget to wish you customers as well as your associates and employees because all contribute to the success of your business.

If you care for the market the market will care for you.

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