June 18, 2024

The beauty of life is that it gives you invaluable lessons to learn and grow even through the most seemingly banal occurrences. The apple that fell from the tree made Sir Isaac Newton realize the concept of gravity, Buddha became The Enlightened One as he sat under a tree and there was that great king,who was defeated in the war but learnt never to give up from a spider trying to climb up the wall. The king went on to win his next battle and so can you; many battles you face in your day-to-day lives if you pay attention to small things that make a huge difference

Tiny bees go on about their jobs with single minded dedication and skills that any management guru will be proud to imbibe in his pupils. But why pay big bucks for this master class when you can learn lessons of life and business from bees themselves.

10 Valuable Life And Business Lessons You Can Learn from Bees:

Excellent Communicators

Bees are excellent communicators and always stay in touch with their hives when they go out looking for food. They keep the entire group in the loop; any vital tips like where vast amounts of pollen can be found are relayed to other members. Every business and personal relationship can benefit from such effective communication where there no secrets kept.

Quick Learners

Bees are quick learners and use their natural surroundings to know what they can extract the most out of. Bees are observant in choosing the kind of flowers that give them good rewards but can as easily discard them in adverse weather conditions when they are of no use to them. Now that strategy could work wonders for businesses if they could move beyond their rigid formulas to look at more profitable options.

Team Players

Bees are team players as they work for each other. They work together in large groups; if an individual or a part of the group fails, other members make up of for it. That’s why productivity never suffers. Now which team leader won’t want to see that in his/her team?

Stick to Tasks Assigned

Bees stick to tasks assigned to them and complete them to the best of their abilities. There is a defined hierarchy; male bees mate, house bees build hives etc. Bees assume roles given to them without a grouse and fulfill them with aplomb. After all, every task is important.

Multi Utility Products

Bees make multi utility products; besides honey that has its numerous uses, their wax is used in cosmetics, their hives are architects’ inspiration. As a business your goal should be to create products or services that have relevance in many fields.

Highly Adaptable

They are highly adaptable to drastic changes in their surroundings and can get back to their jobs instantly. Only if we learned to be so adaptable to change.


Bees are ever-evolving. There have been natural disasters and climate changes, but bees have kept on growing, evolving and working.

Experience Counts

For bees, experience counts. Young bees aren’t sent out hunting for food, just like young interns should not be making important business calls from the onset.

Strong Leader

Bees have a strong leader in their Queen. Her mere presence helps them function brilliantly, while they are in disarray in the absence of the Queen. Every business and team needs a strong leader.

Strong Sense of Responsibility

Bees are known to have a strong sense of responsibility. This is difficult to imbibe in your team because it cannot be forced but has to be cleverly inculcated. Bees naturally have a strong work ethic; in fact they thrive on their work.

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